Black Belt Visitors to Kuk Sool Won of Calgary West, as of September, 2006

On Saturday, September 9, 2006, our school was visited by Kyo Sa Nim (KSN) Doug North, who studies at Kuk Sool Won of Clearlake in Texas. It was a great pleasure to meet this gentleman, and we hope he returns!
On Saturday, December 16, 2006, KSN Morgan and JKN Emma Freeman put Kuk Sool Won of Calgary West black belt candidates through a mock three-hour grading test. So far, so good!

Afterwards, a family photograph!

On January 20, 2007, five students were promoted to 1st degree black belt! Photos and bios of these black belts are available on the Calgary West Black Belts page.

I wish to thank KJN Steven Whiting and KSN Rachel Whiting for coming over from the UK especially to help me with this first ever Kuk Sool Won of Calgary West black belt grading test.

As you can see comparing the examples above and below, this is not the normal black belt visiting photograph! Unfortunately, SBN Paul Carmody and JKN Sam Martin, from Kuk Sool Won of Half Moon Bay, California, were not able to arrive in Calgary in time to visit a class session. So, here they are in a scenic environment, Elbow River Falls, about 45 minutes from Calgary.

I have to apologise to these two gentlemen for the poor quality of the photo. I was using a new camera without first having read the manual!

On this occasion, the black belts were not visiting, but being visited! From left to right, KSN Emma Freeman, KSN Morgan Freeman, Derek Grant and Michael Tulett.

Derek and Michael came over from the UK during February, 2008, to stay with their instructors for two/three weeks.

On March 25 and 27, our school was visited by PSBN Jackie Barry, the school owner of Kuk Sool Won of Murcia, Spain.

PSBN Jackie started her Kuk Sool Won training at Kuk Sool Won of Beccles, one of her instructors being KJN David. And, although KJN David left the UK for Canada, and PSBN Jackie left the UK for Spain (at round about the same time) in 2002, they have kept in touch. Finally, PSBN Jackie was able to fulfill a promise to visit Calgary.

Those students who attended the classes held during PSBN Jackie's visit appreciated her insight - and her additions to our warm-up exercises!

In August, 2008, our school had the privilege of being visited by TWO black belts. However, because this month is a busy one for several students, this group photo has fewer students than would have attended in July or September.

The visiting black belts were KSN David Webster from England, and KJN Farshid Shabafroozan from Toronto.

KSN Michael Dottor, from Kuk Sool Won of Sault Ste Marie, was in Calgary from October until December, 2008, and it was pleasure to have him attend classes. Unfortunately, because of the weather conditions in Calgary during the month of December, KSN Michael's car had to be taken in for repairs so that he could travel back to be with his family in Ontario for Christmas. He paid us one last visit, not to practise, but to wish us a Merry Christmas.

The gentleman to my right is KSN Bruce Longstreet from Kuk Sool Won of Toronto. KSN Bruce could only pay us just one visit. However, we hope he will be able to return since he has family ties here in Calgary.

By the way, Kuk Sool Won of Calgary West has NOT suddenly lost over half of its students! Given the season, some students had other commitments, and the snow was continuing to fall even as this photograph was being taken.

In May, 2009, Sa Bum Nim Ian and Sa Mo Nim Kit Cameron visited Calgary on their way to a family wedding in Canmore.

Unfortunately, the weather in these parts was not kind to them during their two week stay; but they told me that they enjoyed their stay in this part of God's own country, and intend to return.

Also in May, 2009, we were visited by Ju Im Kwan Jang Nim Donald McCondach and several of his students from Kuk Sool Won of Victoria. Unfortunately, several Calgary West students were unavoidably absent during this time.

In the back row, Bill Schley is on the extreme left, and Natasha Herdy is next to DBN Vince Gosling. Seated are JKN Brian Goodridge on the extreme left, KSN Ryan McCondach, JIKJN Don McCondach, and, on the far right, JKN David Ham.

On July 15, 2010, I visited Kuk Sool Won of Beccles, my old school. Several of my previous colleagues in this school were kind enough to come and greet me and JKN Rachel.

From left to right: JKN Jamshid Malakzad, PSBN Paul Baxter, KSN Brian Goodrum, PSBN Julian Tuffield, JKN Juliette Tuffield, PSBN David Spalding, PKJN Philip Hinchliffe.

JIKJN Don McCondach was in Calgary during February 25 to 27, 2011, sent here by his company in Brentwood Bay for a one-day conference. I am grateful to JIKJN Don for being present at PSBN Morgan's grading test.

Incidentally, JIKJN Don and I met up again a few days later at Kuk Sool Won HQ in Tomball!

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