Grandmaster Suh, In-hyuk

(aka Kuk Sa Nim,

"National Martial Arts Teacher")

Grandmaster Suh, In-hyukIt has been my privilege to have been taught on many occasions by Grandmaster Suh. Whether other grandmasters in other martial arts teach students well below their rank, I know not. All I know is that when Grandmaster Suh, In-hyuk, teaches me, I am getting special attention from a very special person!

There are so many websites which include information about this amazing martial artist that I feel a repetition of what they have said would be unnecessary.

Therefore, I will add a variation that I have not seen in other Web sites.

But, first, I and my students offer our congratulations to Kuk Sa Nim on his appointment to a "full-scholar  Professorship" at the Young-San University in Pusan, South Korea.

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