What is Kuk Sool WonTM?

When looking for a martial art to join, study and practise, each person can always - indeed must! - find a style which suits him/her. But this can be an extremely difficult choice, if you know next to nothing about the martial arts. In my experience, when I mention to Joe and Joanna Public - in an appropriate context - that I am a martial arts instructor, his/her assumption is (almost) always that I am teaching karate. When I explain that I am teaching a Korean martial art, some might then assume it must be Tae Kwon Do. After I correct this assumption, and say that I teach a martial art called Kuk Sool Won, invariably the response is, in one form or another, "Never heard of it"!


Kuk Sool WonTM is an encyclopaedia of Korean martial arts! Some compulsory 'reading' is required for the sake of grading tests. But, otherwise, if you have a wish to excel in one or more aspects of the martial arts, Kuk Sool WonTM can grant you that wish! But you still have to do your best in the other areas!


Comprehensive. Versatile. Wide-ranging. All-inclusive.


All, or each, of the above terms are, sometimes carelessly, used to describe a martial art in the hope that a potential student will walk through the door to the training area. Well, dear reader, I use those terms carefully and deliberately!  Kuk Sool WonTM delivers! But only if you follow the three Ps:

Patience. Perseverance. Practice.

Actually, that should be five Ps:

Patience. Perseverance. Practice. Practice. Practice!


By the time a student is awarded a first degree black belt in this martial art, what has she/he learned? It is easy enough to give an answer using numbers:

  • 231 self-defence techniques, which require knowledge and application of pressure points, joint locks, punches, kicks, throwing and breakfalls.

  • Six forms, in which position of the feet is so important for balance, various kicks and punches have to be attempted, and proper breathing is essential.

Also, before promotion into the esoteric realm of the BLACK BELT, the student will have begun to learn the basics of weapons training.


But, what else is it, really, that a Kuk Sool WonTM student gains as he/she progresses through the syllabus? These are some of the responses my students have given me:

  • A strengthened sense of self-discipline.

  • A gaining of self-confidence.

  • Self-respect and respect for others.

  • An increase in both strength and flexibility.

Knowledge gives power. But, in the martial art context, it is the ability to apply the knowledge which actually gives the power. To learn a martial art, is one thing. To apply it, is another! Kuk Sool WonTM is a practical martial art self-defence system. But, each student needs to be aware of (my application of) the words of Franklin D Roosevelt, who said: "[L]et me assert my belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself - nameless, unreasoning ... terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance." Albeit, that he was speaking in a different context, his words, nevertheless, apply so well to an occasion where one individual is confronted, aggressively, by another. My point is that learning this martial art in the training area (dojang) is one thing. Being able to apply it when the occasion requires is another.


Whether you are old or young, male or female, Kuk Sool WonTM is the martial art and self-defence system for you.

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