Ten Things Kuk Sool Won of Calgary West Students Don't Want to Hear from Kwan Jang Nim

1 Let's try this pressure point.
2 You didn't know you had a pressure point there, did you?
3 Ten pushups. Make that 20.
4 Can I use you to show how to apply that technique better?
5 Stand here, I want to try something.
6 Oh dear, did that hurt?
7 Move the mats. That was awful. Give me 20.
8  Kyo Sa Nim Morgan, can you do the warm up?
9 You're going to love this technique.
10  You need more practice!

And the 11th 'thing' is for a student never to tell his/her instructor just how much he/she enjoys sweating! The consequences can be a cause for regret!

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